The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Kids Moral Story

The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Kids Moral Story:-Once upon a time, there was a young shepherd boy who tended his flock in a village on the side of a mountain.

One day, the boy became bored and decided to play a trick on the villagers.

He cried out, “Wolf! Wolf!” loudly, but when the villagers came to his aid, there was no wolf to be found.

The boy repeated this trick several times, causing the villagers to grow tired of his false alarms.

One day, a real wolf appeared and began to attack the boy’s flock.

The boy cried out for help, but the villagers, tired of his previous pranks, did not come to his aid.

The wolf devoured many of the sheep and the boy learned his lesson.

He realized the importance of telling the truth and never played such a trick again.

From then on, the villagers trusted him and he lived the rest of his days as a respected member of the community.