Donkey Fox and Lion story with Moral-little stories

Donkey Fox and Lion story with Moral-little stories:-Once upon a time, in a forest, there lived a lion, a fox, and a donkey. They lived nearby and would often meet and talk about things.

One day, they came up with an idea to go hunting together. The donkey would find the prey animals, the fox would help to trap them, and the lion would hunt them down.

They all agreed on the deal, and the donkey went out to find some animals to hunt. After a while, he found a deer near a pond and quickly informed the others. The fox helped to close off the deer’s runway, and the lion went in for the kill.

After the successful hunt, the donkey separated the meal evenly for all three of them. But the lion got angry and said, “I am the backbone of this plan, but you guys are separating the food evenly, which is not a good idea!” The lion then slapped the donkey, and unfortunately, the donkey died.

Upon seeing this tragic incident, the fox realized that he had to act fast. He separated the meal into two portions but gave the lion a bigger share. The lion was happy and asked the fox how he separated the meal.

The fox replied, “I learned from the mistakes of others.” He then showed the lion the dead donkey and reminded him of the moral lesson that they should work together as a team and treat each other with kindness and fairness.

From that day on, the lion learned his lesson and treated the fox and all the other animals with kindness and respect. They all continued to hunt together and share the meal equally, without any arguments or fights. And they all lived happily ever after in the forest.