Donkey and Fox-Small Stories To Read for Kindergarten

Donkey and Fox-Small Stories To Read for Kindergarten:-Once upon a time, in a beautiful forest, a donkey and a fox lived together. They were great friends and always went out together in search of food. They had a deal that they would always help each other if they were ever in any danger.

One day, while they were out searching for food, they saw a lion. The lion immediately captured the fox. The poor fox didn’t know what to do and begged the lion to let him go. The fox said, “If you set me free, I will bring you a huge donkey with lots of meat.”

The lion was surprised and asked the fox how it was possible. The fox replied, “We are friends, and we have a deal that we help each other. So, the donkey must be nearby. If you give me a chance, I will bring the donkey to you.”

The lion was convinced and gave the fox a chance. After some time, the fox found the donkey and walked near the lion. The lion quickly hunted the donkey and smiled at the fox.

The fox was confused and asked the lion, “Why are you smiling?” The lion replied, “You are a clever fox. You sacrificed your friend’s life to save your own. You are a dangerous person.”

The fox realized his mistake and knew he had broken the deal he had made with his friend. He had risked his friend’s life just to save his own. The lion then hunted the fox too, and the fox was about to die.

As he lay there, the fox remembered the moral of the story. He realized that true friendship is about trust, honesty, and loyalty. It was not just about helping each other when it was convenient. The fox regretted his actions and wished he could have acted differently.

And so, the fox learned his lesson, and he hoped that other animals would learn from his mistake. From that day on, he promised himself to always be a true friend to those who mattered to him.