The Farmer, His Son And His Donkey -Story for Kindergarten Students

The Farmer, His Son And His Donkey -Story for Kindergarten Students:-Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had a donkey. One day, the farmer needed money for his living. He thought of selling his donkey in the nearby market.

The farmer and his son decided to take the donkey to the market. On their way, an old man saw them and noticed that the donkey was walking freely. He suggested to the farmer that one of them should sit on the donkey and travel to the market.

The farmer realised that the old man was right, so he let his son sit on the donkey and continued their journey. However, some women saw this and commented, “Look at that young boy travelling on the donkey. What a shame!”

Feeling embarrassed, the farmer decided to sit on the donkey and asked his son to walk alongside. As they travelled further, a rich man saw them and said, “Why trouble the young boy? Carry him too on the donkey.”

The farmer and his son sat on the donkey, and the donkey managed to carry both of them. However, their journey didn’t end here. A young government officer saw them and scolded them, saying, “You fools! Why hurt the animal?”

The farmer and his son realised that the officer was right, so they thought of carrying the donkey and walked with their son. Unfortunately, while crossing a river, the donkey fell and got swept away.

The farmer lost his donkey, and he remembered the moral of the story: always use your own brain and make decisions based on what is right for you and the people and animals around you.

From then on, the farmer never forgot the lesson he learned and always used his own brain to make the right decisions.