Thirsty Traveller-small stories to read for kindergarten

Thirsty Traveller-small stories to read for kindergarten:-Once upon a time, there was a farmer named Ram who was walking in a desert. He felt very thirsty and started looking for water. He searched everywhere but could not find any water source. After walking for a while, he saw a well in the middle of the desert. Ram felt very happy and ran towards the well. When he reached the well, he saw a water pump and a bottle of water lying nearby.

Ram was very thirsty and quickly picked up the bottle of water. However, he noticed a board with an instruction on it. The board said that he should use the water in the pump first and then only the water from the well would come out. Ram was confused and did not know what to do. He thought to himself, “Should I drink this water or should I use it in the pump?”

As he was thinking, he remembered the person who had left the bottle of water for him. Ram knew that the person who had left the bottle for him was a good man, and he wanted to be like him. So, he decided to follow the instructions on the board and poured the water from the bottle into the pump.

He started pumping the handle of the water pump, and soon fresh water started coming out of the well. Ram drank the fresh water from the well, and it was the best water he had ever tasted. He filled the bottle with the new water and went on his way.

From that day on, Ram learned that it is always important to follow the instructions and trust good people. He also realized that sometimes, doing the right thing might take a little longer, but it’s always worth it in the end.