Kenny’s Comfort :Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories

Kenny’s Comfort :Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories :- Once, a little boy named Kenny lived with their family, He has a brother and sister, but they are big and busy in studies, So he was uncomfortable with his life.

One day he asked his father for another sister. His father smiled, and it is hard to find a little girl and told this funny story to his neighbors,
One day the father gets a letter from somewhere. The letter says there is a little orphaned girl with us. We know you need a little girl. If you are interested, visit our home and see the kid.
The father confused and said about the girl to Kenny; Happy Kenny said, I want to see the little girl,
After some hesitations, the father went to see the girl. At the moment he saw the girl she decided to adopt the kid,
On that day, Kenny was eagerly waiting for his new sister. When the girl came home, he was so happy and started playing with the girl; All family members are satisfied with the kid.
Little Kenny is comfortable now.

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