Doctor Story-Short Stories For Preschoolers

Doctor Story-Short Stories For Preschoolers:-Once upon a time, there was a psychiatrist who worked at a mental health institution. One day, while he was leaving the institution, his car got a flat tire. He looked around for help to change the tire, but no one seemed to want to help him. So, he decided to change the tire himself. But as he was doing so, the bolts slipped into the drain.

Just then, a man appeared who looked like a patient from the mental health institution. The doctor thought that he could use the man’s help to retrieve the bolts from the drain. So, he asked the man to help him.

The man was very smart and knew exactly what to do. He removed one bolt from every other tire, leaving the doctor with three bolts. Using these three bolts, he mounted the fourth tire and drove to the mechanic’s shop to buy four new bolts.

The doctor was surprised and said, “You look like a clever person. Why are you in the mental hospital?”

The patient smiled and said, “Maybe I have a mental problem, but I am not a fool.”

The doctor felt ashamed of himself and asked for forgiveness. He realized that he had been too quick to judge and had underestimated the intelligence of the patients in the mental hospital.

From that day on, the doctor began to treat his patients with more respect and kindness. He learned that just because someone has a mental health issue, it doesn’t mean that they are not smart or capable.