1000 Fools Akbar Birbal Story

1000 Fools Akbar Birbal Story:-Once upon a time, Birbal went on a trip to Allahabad where he visited gymnasiums and military factories. He was so impressed with the soldiers there that he handpicked a thousand of them to bring back with him to Vijayanagar.

During the journey, Birbal spent all the money he had on feeding the soldiers, which left him worried about how they would be provided for once they arrived in the kingdom.

When Birbal returned to the kingdom, the king asked him what he had brought back from his trip. The king was surprised to hear that Birbal had brought back a thousand soldiers without prior permission. He called them “fools.”

However, Birbal stood up for the soldiers and explained that they were willing to serve the kingdom without any expectations of food, shelter, or anything else. Birbal reminded the king that these soldiers were essential for the kingdom’s safety.

After hearing Birbal’s reasoning, the king appreciated his ingenuity and decided to accept the soldiers into the army. He praised Birbal for his wise decision and welcomed the new soldiers with open arms.

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