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Where is God Story – short story short

Where is God Story in Tamil

Where is God Story – short story short:-Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived two best friends named Ramu and Somu. They were very close, but they used to argue about everything under the sun. One day, while they were having a discussion, Ramu said, “There is no God.”

Somu, who believed in God, asked Ramu, “How can you be so sure that God is not present?”

Ramu replied, “Look at the people who live near your street. They are poor, and they suffer from diseases. If God is present, he should help them, but they are still suffering. So, there is no God.”

Somu listened to Ramu’s argument and then replied, “Just like how there is no barber in this village, and that’s why the man over there has long hair. The barber would have cut his hair and made him look better. This is your argument, right?”

Ramu was shocked, and he didn’t know what to say. Somu continued, “God is always present for people who are motivated, take courage, and move to the next level of their life. When people don’t follow any motivation in life and give up on them, that’s when God is not present.”

Ramu realized that he was wrong and apologized to Somu. They both hugged each other and promised to never argue again. They learned that even though they had different beliefs, they could still be friends and respect each other’s opinions.

From that day on, Ramu and Somu were closer than ever before, and they started helping the poor people in their village. They realized that they didn’t need to argue about the existence of God because they were both doing good deeds, and that’s what mattered the most.

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