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Two Goats Story – Read Along Stories

Two Goats Story in Tamil

Two Goats Story – Read Along Stories:-Once upon a time, there was a white sheep walking in the forest.

As it walked, it came across a river that crossed its way. The sheep looked around and found a small bridge to cross the river.

It started to cross the bridge, but then it saw another black sheep starting to cross the bridge from the other side.

The bridge was too small, and it was not possible for both of them to cross at the same time.

The white sheep said, “Hey black sheep, move out, I will cross first, and then you can cross.”

But the black sheep replied, “No, I will cross first, and then you can cross.” They argued for a while but could not agree on who should cross first.

Finally, they decided to cross the bridge at the same time. However, as they walked, the bridge became unstable, and they both fell into the river.

As they were struggling to swim, they remembered that if they had cooperated and let one sheep cross first, they both would have been able to cross the bridge safely. They realized that working together was the key to success.

From that day on, they became good friends and worked together to overcome any obstacles they faced.

They learned that cooperation and teamwork were important, not only for crossing a small bridge but also for accomplishing any task in life.

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