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A glass of Milk | English Kids Stories | Bedtime Storie

A glass of Milk Bedtime Storie

A glass of Milk | English Kids Stories | Bedtime Storie:- once upon a time there lived a young boy, who was very poor, he did odd jobs to be able to buy his daily food and go to school

one day after school the boy was very hungry

He don’t have money and He have no job lined up till the night

So he decided to drink some water to fill his stomach

so the boy decided to ask one of the houses in the neighborhood for a glass of water

he knocked on the first doe,a young girl opened the door i am very thirsty can you please give me a glass of water

She said yes and saw the boy’s condition and understood how hungry he was
instead of a glass of water, she brought him a glass of milk

the boy was surprised to see the milk

He said i cannot take this i do not have any money to pay you for it

She answered that it’s okay you don’t have to pay me for it

He thankd her and drank the glass of milk and felt better immediately

he thanked her and went his way

many years went by one day

the girl who was now a woman fell very ill,she was taken to the hospital,the tests revealed that she had a rare kind of sickness that would need great care for many months

dr philip was assigned to her case

The Doctor said dont worry we will take care of you,as he had promised dr phillip took great care of her he visited her daily,stayed by her bedside at night and made sure she was always comfortable

After six months of intensive treatment in the hospital the girl was finally well and could go home but she had a worry

she called the nurse to her room,i am healthy now but i am worried,it is time for me to pay the hospital bill, but i’m afraid i won’t have enough money to do so

That nurse said oh you don’t need to worry about it your bill has already been paid

She got surprised and ask what by whom have a look yourself the girl was astonished the bill was cancelled across and in big bold letters it said

paid in full years ago with a glass of milk it was signed by dr phillips

the girl couldn’t believe her luck dr phillips was the young boy she had helped many many years ago

today he had become her savior and helper

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